My switch in morning habits


Hi this is eas21 and this is my first post, so bear with me. I figure i would just write things down about my day, news events, or anything else I feel like writing about. Don;’t know if this will be an everyday thing; we will see.

Anyway, I just thought I would start off by talking about some changes to my daily morning routine; that is, shaving.  I finally got tired of spending $50 for a package of Fusion razor blades whenever I went to Costco, and 7 bucks for a shaving brush that feel apart every two weeks from CVS. I looked at electric razors, but they were like $200+.  Found some wet shaving blogs and decided to stick with that method but upgrade everything. I decided to dump the fusion and go with a DE Safety Razor, new brush, shaving cream, after shave, etc. It just makes economic sense. The blades are just pennies apiece, and by the end of a month, i would have spent more than the new brush cost.

So I found a local outlet on the web and got myself an Edwin Jagger DE 3 piece safety razor, an Omega artificial badger shaving brush, Proraso shaving cream from Italy, Dominica Bay Rum after shave, and a sample pack of of DE blades.

Got everything within 2 days of ordering and immediately tried it out. At first, I will admit, I went through a learning process on getting adjusted to a new sharp blade and razor. My face looked like I had just put it through a food processor; those blades are SHARP!  But after a few days, i got the hang of it and would not change a thing. The blade feels good in my hand, has nice balance, and i dont have to put any pressure at all to get a close shave. The Proraso makes the blade just glide across my face, and the Dominica really makes my face feel toned and smooth. At first the sting really surprised me, but it cooled off really quick and then felt really nice.  The brush feels really good on my face, it holds it’s shape really well, and all of the bristles are still there instead of in the sink like my previous cheapo brushes.

In short, I will never ever go back to the dime store razors again. To get a really good shave and make your skin feel really good all day, you need to invest a little money. Believe me, it is worth it. Shaving has now become my favorite part of the day.

Saving money, and feeling good; can’t beat it!!