My Paranormal Interest and Experience

ImageOne of my favorite pastimes is the reading and watching articles and programs about the paranormal. I think it’s fun to look into the possibility about what happens after death. I follow the “news from the spirit world” on WordPress, plus New England Ghost Chronicles and Jeff Belanger’s Ghost Village newsletter, just to name a few. On TV, I watch Ghost Adventures on a regular basis, and used to watch Haunted Highways. Whenever the History Channel has a “haunted xxxx” on, I watch that too. I also used to watch “Most Haunted” from England. I really like these shows because not only was the Paranormal elements interesting and visible both visually and aurally, but the always go to interesting places so I also look at them as travelogues. I also watch “Dead Files” but I am becoming less convinced of the validity of that show because it seems like every episode something new weird happens that I’ve never seen on other shows or blogs, such as shape shifting, an entity putting together things to create a poltergeist, etc. Maybe it is me, but it just is starting to sound too far fetched for me. I also used to watch Ghost Hunters and it’s cousin, Ghost Hunters International. However, it became clear to me that I wasn’t hearing or seeing what the hosts and team said they were hearing or saying. In fact, it seems to me that it has come the point where they tell their clients and the viewers what to hear and see. I’m sorry, but during the reveals, when they are playing the EVPs, all I hear most of the time is static. Then the hosts say “doesn’t it sound like they are saying <xxx>? ” The client, of course agrees. Same with visual reveals. In my opinion, they suggest to the client and viewers what they want them to see. Am I missing something? Maybe. But that is what I get from that show.

Anyway, one day awhile ago, the family was out of town so i decided to got take some pictures at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in (you got it) Hollywood, Ca. Now, not only is this cemetery just downright beautiful, but it is the story of Hollywood and the motion picture industry. All the early people and later power players are resting there. Florence Lawrence,(The Biograph Girl) is there, along with Rudolph Valentino, C, B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Jr., Bugsy Siegel, and a whole slew of others. It is truly a trip back in time.

So there I was, doing my thing, taking pictures with my cell phone camera, and at one point I happen to stumble on the grave of Anna Maria De Carrascosa, the “Lady in Black” who dropImageped off flowers annually at Valentino’s crypt. I decided to take a picture of the headstone, just for the heck of it. When I snapped the picture, the phone went completely dead. Nothing. I came in with a full charge and even had it on Airplane Mode until I got to the cemetery, so the battery couldn’t have been the problem. And it wasn’t. I was able to turn the phone back on and have it boot up. As soon as it did this, I tried to take another picture of the headstone. Same thing. Power went completely dead. Turned the phone back on, no problem, it rebooted and the battery was still at full charge. Tried a picture again. Once more, the power went off. Turned it back on, tried to take a picture once more. Again, the power went off. So this time, I turned the phone back on and waited for it to boot up. Once it did this, I turned around (at the grave) and took a picture of the other side of the park. The picture came out perfectly. So then I turned around and tried to take the picture of the headstone, and -BAM- out went the power. It really seemed that Anna was determined to prevent me from taking a picture of her headstone. I don’t know why, I wasn’t doing any harm to it or anything. I didn’t even touch it But at that point I was getting really frustrated so I  just looked at the headstone and said ” Listen Anna, I’m here to take pictures, and pictures are what I am going to get. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is if you let me have the two seconds I need to take the picture, after which I promise I will go away and not bother you anymore. The hard way is for me to stay here and keep trying to take the pictures until I either get one or the park closes and they kick me out. You obviously don’t want me here, so what would you rather have? Me here for just a few more seconds, or eight more hours? And don’t think I’m bluffing about the eight hours; I have nothing else to do today. So which is it? The ball is in your court.”  I waited a few seconds, turned on the phone, let it boot up, and tried once more to take the picture. Lo and Behold! The picture came out beautifully. So I faced the headstone and said ” Thank you Anna, I sincerely appreciate it”. And then I kept my word and left her, went to another section of the park and never even came close to her section the rest of the day.

Was this a paranormal experience? I like to think it is. Given the number of times the phone went dead, then worked when i wasn’t pointing it at Anna, then fails again, then works when I have a talk with her, makes me feel that this was more than just a series of coincidences
. Again, it sure seemed like Anna didn’t want any pictures taken. But I am thankful to her for listening to my what was frankly, a threat, not reasoning(let’s be honest here) and letting me get the picture. And I have kept my word to her. Whenever I have gone back there, I have left her alone to be in peace.

So there you have it. I had a previous experience while in college, but I think this one is the most interesting. Again, if you can, go visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I am sure that Anna is not the only ghost there.



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