cowardly u.s. senate

I will say right off the bat that I am very very angry at the u.s. senate. their cowardice is beyond belief! this the first and last time i will say anything  on this since the fight is over over sensible gun control. the nra owns the country so there is no chance of anything changing, except of course when they start forcing people to buy guns; and i am sure that will happen. amd i dare the nra to try and enforce it on me. if i am force to buy a gun, i will get one and then throw it in the street. to those senators who showed no guts for political expediency, the blood is on YOUR hands. I was hoping that the nra would act as adults and discuss the issue, but i was wrong. they are sticking to their credo of it is a gun owners constitutional right to shoot someone. any other mode of death is murder. by guns, it is their right. Congratulations nra, you win. I still have no respect for you, but by god, you bought the senate fair and square.

What I do not understand, is why the nra is not even willing to talk about expanded background checks? did anyone say anything about taking guns away? no. banning sales of guns? no. just background checks of which 88% of the public supports. nope. was a power play by the nra pure and simple and the senate fell right into their pockets.


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