You must watch this! Suki Kim TED talk

slack-imgs-com_This will be short and simple. Beating the proverbial horse again, but this is important. This is an incredible video that should be watched. It really reveals the truth about North
Korea. Suki has an incredible amount of courage to do what she did. And even though she hoped that her students would be safe as north-korea-democratic-people_s-republicsoldiers of the regime, I have to say that we must look at Munich for lessons. This country and this leader is a real and valid threat to the stability of the world. Munich taught us that whenever an individual or nation threatens the globe and the rest of the community of nations, some sort of action has to be taken. While I hate to put lives in harms way, Kim Jong Un has to be taken out. If it was a perfect world, once he was ousted, then the infrastructure would collapse and the two Koreas would be united. Don’t know if that will happen, but keep your fingers crossed. In the words of Tom Hanks, sometimes countries have to be spanked. In the meantime, watch this video. It is a real eye opener. I am definitely buying her book.


FOLLOW UP: I bought the book and read it in less than a day. Get it. One of the most moving books I have ever read. It broke my heart to read of the conditions there. Again, get it. A very important read.