Coffee Excursion #1. Blue Bottle Coffee

coffee-roasts I love coffee. I am fanatical about it. My next life I am determined to be a coffee grower/roaster/importer..  Anyway, the coffee scene in LA is more than Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. So I have made a list of what I call “niche” coffee houses to see and experience what is out there. By “niche” i am meaning non-Starbucks or Coffee Bean store. Can be a chain, but not to the level of those two.

Anyway, my first stop was to Blue Bottle Coffee on Beverly in West Hollywood. Now I must admit that I am judging everyplace against a baseline I found long ago; Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa.

So, anyway, that being said, here goes:

Blue Bottle Coffee

I had guatamala, Mary had latte and pastry.


DECOR: very nice. simple but elegant. plain white walls, simple japanese style furniture.
COFFEE: mine was good. somehwhat sweet and fruity at beginning, but had somewhat bitter finish
mary said her late was good, pastry just ok
PRICES: Mine was $8 , pricey.. Mary’s was 4.50 and pastry was 6. not the cheapest place around
MISC: though crowded, the line moved very fast. they have great selection of accessories, such as chemex  in different sizes; had aeropress, and mini grinders and a nice coffee travel kit. There is no parking lot, parking is on street. On weekends, it is really busy so parking may be an issue.
OVERALL: a good place, really nice atmosphere and great website. compared to Portola Coffee Lab, though, Portola is better. their coffee doesnt seem to be quite as bitter. I like tartness, but nothing real bitter.

Short yes, but I dont like to go on and on. Anyway I would reccomend this place