Podcasts! Podcasts! Podcasts!

podcastsBoy, do I ever like podcasts! I originally got my Ipod to listen to music and videos, but I use it more now to listen to podcasts. There is so much information out there to listen to, from news and sports to culture to hobbies and even many lectures from universities are now in podcast form. I am finding myself watching less TV and listening more to the ipod. It is almost like the days before TV, when families gathered ’round the radio.

I have so many that i just dont have time to listen to all of them. I sometimes takes a couple of months for me to get around to all of them. At last count, I subscribe to 30 podcasts, and have several episodes of each on my ipod. If I categorize them, I would have a couple on coffee, several on the paranormal, at least two on history, (including a great on on the history of WWII)  a couple from c-span to cover the days’ happenings in Washington, plus various ones on different topics such as watches, folk music etc.

Most of the ‘casts i subscribe too, though are from the BBC, with a grand total of 9, ranging from talk shows, to documentaries, history to politics; even my favorite Sunday night activity, Prime Ministers Questions. The BBC has podcasts on just about every topic. They have taken the format of podcasting to best advantage. The Atlantic Monthly used to have pretty good ones, but I cant find them anymore. Bob Edwards from NPR had a great interview podcast, but he stopped those, which is a real shame.

For me podcasts offer an infinite world of knowledge, information and entertainment. The range of topics is unlimited,you can lean and improve yourself in so many ways, and the best part is that all of mine have been free! Just get Itunes or other sites on the web, and there you go! It’s just like having Mark Twain read one his stories to you in person. God help me, but how I do love podcasts!