North Korea: Daily life remains a struggle

North Korea: Daily life remains a struggle (Photo credit: EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection)

I have written on various places about the danger that North Korea poses for the rest of the world. Though they’ve been quiet lately, they are still a rougue nation that, in my opinion, is still a grave threat to the peace and stability of Asia. Now, I am by far not a pro-war advocate, but history has shown that it occasionally requires nations to take action against other nations to get rid of leaders who pose a massive threat to the rest of the world, and when the world takes no actions, worse events occur than just a limited military action.

An article in the current issue of World Affairs Journal by Robert Park makes a very good argument (though he doesn’t state it outright) that Kim Jong-Un  and North Korea Needs to be taken care of.

Consider the following from the article:

  1. On January 14, 2013, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called for an international inquiry into what “may amount to crimes against humanity” in North Korea.
  2.  Per the UN special observer on human rights in nk, Vitit Muntbhorn, stated in his 2010 report that NK has the largest per captita army in the world, and the worlds highest military expenditures per GDP, is not poor. they have large mineral deposits and makes billions in exports and trade, but it all goes to the military.
  3.  International  policy research institute says hunger sit @serious level
  4.  From Dec 2011 to april 2012 20000 of 10 % population dried from starvation in south hwangehae province.
  5.  food  confiscated from families to feed military.
  6.  in additionn to state organized famine, state killing goes on as well. in 2011, Genocide Watch(an NGO)  publised a report that stated that “there is ample proof that genocide has been committed and mass killing is still underway in north korea.”
  7.  this article states that this is the most neglected case of genocide in the post-holocaust era.
  8.  not only famine but masses have been tossed into prison camps were inmates, including kids are north_korea_famine_children201subject to slave labor, torture, rape, summary executions, infanticide, and biological and chemical experimentation.  humanitarian groups and outside observers state that these prison camps represent the worst violation of human rights today. Estimates have the number of prisoners at a quarter million, one third of that number being kids.
  9. Kim Jong-un’s government has declared that it would carry out “immediate executions when people are caught trying to cross the borders” . So escaping from the North, always, dangerous, is now even more hazardous.

It is obvious that this leadership is still a danger to the world, and he will be making noises again, whether it is by threatening to launch missiles, or sink South Korean ships, he will be making noises again.

It is an unfortunate fact that there are times when the world must get together to oust a tyrant. History has shown that when that doesn’t happen, the result is even greater carnage, destruction and death. Remember the Saar, the Rhineland, The Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and all the other territories that Hitler was given.

Kim Jong-un is the type of loose cannon that he wont be afraid to try anything, regardless of the cost. So next time he threatens any nation or does some sort of provocative act,  he should be taken out, the North conquered, and the Korean Peninsula unified into a singe nation.

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